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Marc Roure

Customer-driven Product Leader


1 / Build successful digital products that are truly customer-centric

2 / Raise brand and business impact through a superior experience

Culture A product culture based on 5 principles which I help product teams to adopt, contribute and evolve

Experience More than 12 years helping companies and their teams build digital products

2020 — 2021
Head of Product
2018 — 2020
Head of Product
2014 — 2017
Senior Product Manager
2013 — 2014
Head of Digital
2008 — 2013
Founder & Head of Product

Side projects A way to pursue other interests while keeping up-to-date on product design and technology

12 months / 12 women

2019 — 2020

A list resulting from a family project that began in 2019, the year our daughter was born, with the purpose of bringing her and other girls and boys closer to some of the most outstanding women of the year.

Incognito Santa


A completely anonymous service to generate Secret Santa pairings online. There is no need to share our private data or the private data of our friends just to sort some names.


During the first lockdown of 2020, a huge number of online events emerged as a result of the immense generosity of many. This website sorted and gave visibility to the live content produced from the houses of artists and instructors in those months.

It's a baby


During the days before and after the birth of our daughter, there was a recurring question: "What do you want us to give you?" This baby registry list generator aims to answer the question in a beautiful and practical way. Today other parents use it.

Good Habits Guide


Practicing gratitude on a daily basis helps me to be happier. It's a scientific thing. In this guide I share this and 7 other good habits whose benefits are supported by the scientific community.

Daily Reads


Some time ago I realized that every year I read less and less. I think it's because of my smartphone. Not the device, but what's inside. The apps. Daily Reads was a different reading service, emulating how things are consumed today, in small doses from a screen.


I studied Narrative at the Ateneu Barcelonès School of Writing and since then I read better. From time to time I also write. These are some of my stories and short stories.

Marc Roure, 2021.